UPCOMING: lecture & talk on ‘Chronotopologies’ at ZHdK

Webinar series ‘KOKO in Dialogue: Text-Image Parergon’

Daniel Irrgang in conversation with Nils Röller
March 9, 2021, 9-10am (GMT)

With the concept of “chronotopologies” developed by Clemens Jahn and Daniel Irrgang in various projects, the talk will address  a mapping or diagrammatic approach in research that complements historiography’s typical focus on time as dominant epistemic principle with its necessary spatial counterpart. Inspired by theoretical positions from historiography, literary studies, and semiotics, the selected projects demonstrate the capacity of this approach to visually “synchronize” places, persons, events, artefacts, etc. Here spatial and temporal relations or connections, which were not apparent before, may become visible. By modulating these relations, chronotopologies can become speculative tools for thought experiments investigating alternative histories and possible futures.

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